What  Barack Obama need to promise do, Now!

5  Policies  Barack Obama shall implement  as the new elected President of the United States of America ?


Making by law,  the new government - and the Congress - entirely democratic with 50/50 % men and woman, no more, no less, and on merits of course.


National Security,  to secure International Peace/Security.


After that, it is time, making a brand new constitution; A clean and pure Democracy based on Gender equality.


Make a new Citizen Pledge/Oath for all new citizens: "Towards the American People, National Security".


Visit all current worldleaders more often than possible,  no matter if it is unpleasant or not, and solve problems upfront and in peace.


  • Posted by: Ture Sjolander on 11 September 2008
Editor Ture Sjolander